Lou Jimenez has developed a particular language by using nature elements and synesthesia in her work. Displaying artistic aptitudes since an early age, she exhibited first time in Spanish Embassy in Paris during contest for young artists at the age of 8.

As a child past time she begins to experiment with paint and literature, her infinite curiosity of the world around her acquiring a particular point of view of reality that also reflects in her paintings. This is shown in her works where she expresses impulses and aspirations that will become concrete and real through any object between her hands.

During her studies in London works modeling and familiarizes with image world through fashion photographers in France, Italy and New York in the 1990´s. She set her studio in Barcelona where she takes new artistic impulse while continuing travelling in places like Middle East looking for new ideas and exploring materials and technics.

A self-taught artist, she is dedicated to portray the world through her own personal expressiveness applying colors and textures as codes.

Lou’s well regarded works have been sold to several private collectors and her most remarkable exhibition have been held in IV Gallery Rome, Madrid Financial Centre, UDS Tokyo, Carme Espinet Gallery Barcelona, NATC Japan and others in Amsterdam and Luxembourg.

For some people life is a magic box willing to offer new adventures, new challenges, new beliefs, new ideas, new circumstances; when we believe that everything has been seen, we realize that we were looking the outside of the box.

Lou Jimenez